The House Of Manannan

House of Manannan OutsideSituated right next to the next to the new Marina in Peel is the House of Manannan, another one of the attractions of the Story Of Mann. The House of Manannan is an ideal way to spend some time when the weather isn’t great especially for those with younger children who may find the other museums a little dull. The House of Mannanan is a much more interactive affair.

Tracing the story from the very first settlers of the Isle of Man all the way through to modern times the House of Manannan is a 3 floor walk through history involving interactive displays, touch screens and environments designed to simulate original places, many of which include authentic artifacts. You’ll get the chance to hear a story recounted in a traditional Celtic roundhouse, stumble through a glade, see a 2/3rd scale viking boat being beached as well as more up to date sections exploring the islands sea faring past. Most of the areas also have touch screens to allow you to learn more about what you are hearing and seeing, the presentation in general is quite inventive and it is a fair side step from the normal museum experience. The actual “scenes” themself are hugely impressive and the level of accuracy is outstanding, the rest area in the fishyards especially brought back some memories!

Manannan Viking BoatAll in expect to spend 1-2 hours if you rush it or 3 hours plus if you take your time to take in every part of the House of Mannanan. Prices are £6 for adults, £3 for children (under 18) or £14.50 for a family (2 adults + 2 children) ticket. If you hold on to your ticket there is nothing to stop you nipping out for your lunch and then returning later. The House of Mannanan is situated right across the road from the Creek Inn which serves food. There should be no shortage of car parking available as there is now an additional overflow car park in place. Being a modern facility disabled access is good and there are toilets on site. For those with very young children there is a small play are situated right in the centre featuring themed playground equipment and colouring in.

I spent years driving past the House of Manannan each day before I eventually went in. I was very impressed and have been back several times since. On an island that lacks things to do with kids when the weather isn’t so nice the House of Mannanan is well worth a visit.

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