Chiropractor On The Isle of ManWith a population that is ever more chained to the office desk the number of people reporting back and related problems is only set to increase. The Isle of Man in particular with it’s reliance on financial services and office work in general is at risk. How many people don’t know somebody at work who complains about back problems?

A good Chiropractor can help with so many problems. Obviously there is lower, mid and upper back pain but because so many other aches and pains stem from the back there is much more a chiropractor can help with. Some examples include arm pain, leg pain, neck and shoulder pain, headaches (yes really), pregnancy pains, repetitive strain injuries and all sorts of sports injuries where people may default to a physiotherapist. In fact a lot of people seek the help of a physiotherapist where in they’d be much better seeing a Chiropractor.

There are a number of Chiropractors on the Isle of Man and the rates charged tend to be very similar. If you are suffering from any form of back or limb pain then a Chiropractor may be able to provide you with the mobility and respite that you’re after. From my own experience you may be better spending money on a chiropractor as opposed to a special chair!

Recommended Chiropractors On The Isle of Man

Back2Health Chiropractic Clinic
Dr Chris Walker provides an excellent service from his clinic located at The Reading Rooms on the corner of Westbourne Road and Hilary Road in Douglas. Ample parking is a available and it’s also just opposite a bus stop so is very easy to get to. An initial consultation/examination costs £50 and further sessions are charged at £30. Chris makes a point of only treating patients on a frequency that best suites the patients needs. Telephone – 226262

Got a Chiropractor on the Isle of Man that you’d like to recommend then please leave a comment?

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  1. Hello I’m have a lot of pain in my lower back just wondering if a visit to you would be a good idea for me

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