Isle of Man Blinds – Who We Recommend

Isle of Man BlindsWith a stagnant housing market many people have the urge to do-up what they already have. Certainly on the Isle of Man you’ll notice plenty of new extensions being built, conservatories being added and other improvements being made around the house. One of the simplest and cheapest improvements that can be made to the look of your house is to add some blinds. We noticed that ever since we had ours done that most of the neighbours have joined in, it looks better (than bare windows and much better than nets), provides more privacy for those that front onto a road and they also have the added benefit of still letting in light but allowing you to watch your big “highly reflective” Plasma/LCD TV. If the front of your house faces south like ours then they are almost a must buy.

Getting blinds wasn’t actually a new thought for us, ever since we had the conservatory built and the blinds put up in there we’d thought about adding them to other rooms in the house. The real trouble was in trying to get somebody around to do it. The very well-known local company that did the conservatory never seemed to be available; we really did want to give them the business out of loyalty. It was only through word of mouth that we heard about a national chain that was not only highly recommended but also running a special offer at the time. They answered the phone first time (as opposed to the weeks I’d been chasing the others), they were around to measure up within 2 days. The blinds were ordered and on the Isle of Man within 12 days and when they actually came earlier than expected I got a phone call to arrange fitting the very next day. All for a very good price (Less than £90 for a large living room window).

Isle of Man Blinds – Who We Recommend

Hillarys Blinds – A national chain but the husband and wife team who operate the Isle of Man franchise from Farmhill provide a superb service backed up by excellent prices. Like I said we have used others previously but the whole process from initial enquiry to fitting was faultless with Hillary’s and they come highly recommended. You can even arrange an appointment online.


  1. We need a blind in our lounge
    We have been looking at a twilight blind.
    Could you possibly call us to arrange a visit
    Thank you

  2. Caroline I don’t think Hillary’s operate on the Isle of Man anymore, you’d be best getting in touch with Apollo Blinds.

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