The Sound And Calf Of Man Webcam


The Sound And Calf Of Man Webcam 1

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Offering one of the most stunning views to be found anywhere on the Isle of Man, the southern tip is home to The Sound tidal race and the Calf of Man.  This webcam hosted by Manx Radio is located in the Cafe, one of the best places on the rock for a scenic cup of coffee and bit of cake!

What you are looking at here is the car park for the Sound Cafe closest to the camera.  This leads on to the Little Sound, or false sound.  A stretch of water that is too shallow for most boats to navigate which lies between Kitterland and the mainland Isle of Man.  Kitterland is the first island you can see.  Sticking up on the right hand side of Kitterland you should just be able to make out the Thousla Rock with its Lighthouse, the stretch of water between this and Kitterland is The Sound and is the passage that should be used for navigation.  In the distance you can see the Calf of Man itself, you should not be fooled by the distance though, the stretch of water between Thousla Rock and The Calf of Man is very shallow and very fast running even though to your average joe it look very similar to the stretch of water between Kitterland and Thousla Rock.

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