Best Isle of Man Venue?

The Isle of Man has a number of fantastic venues for all types of event, however availability is always an issue, cost can be an even bigger problem and finally there can be an awkwardness at a number of them with just simply booking.  The Isle of Man needs more great venues.  At times in the past there have been occasions where (from personal experience) it feels like they think they’re doing you a favour instead of providing a service that you’re paying for, it shouldn’t be like that.  Whether it’s a birthday party, anniversary, wedding, funeral wake, corporate gathering/presentation, teaching or just a social get together finding the right venue can be tough but we’ve finally found one that we’d be happy to recommend for most occasions and groups.

Kelvin Dawson Community Hub In Peel

We had no idea this was opening until we were invited to a recent event held there and straight away what gets you is the fantastic views over the golf course, the clean high quality finish to everything and the extreme friendliness of the people working there.  On top of that it had some of the best toilets I’ve ever seen in a public space on the Isle of Man, this is serious stuff!  It’s not often something new opens on the Isle of Man where your first impression is “nailed it”.  I think the Kelvin Dawson hub passes that test.  Peel has always had limited options when it comes to party and wedding venues, the Masonic Hall and Golf Club being pretty much it and again availability was always a problem.  Now with the Kelvin Dawson Community Hub Peel has at last got a fully accessible, flexible, light, airy, modern space that can be hired out at affordable rates from friendly helpful staff.  Best venue in Peel? I’d put it up there with the very best spaces on the island.  Comprising of 3 rooms in total, 2 of which can be joined together to form a much larger space with seating for a total of 120 people it should be perfect for most small/medium sized gatherings.  Worried about accessibility?  A modern platform lift ensures there is full access to all ages, abilities and mobilities.

The Perfect Venue For Kids Parties

With the Tommy Clucas sports hall in the same building this has now become the ultimate venue for kids parties on the Isle of Man.  The large, flexible sports hall giving loads of options for kids to have the active party of their dreams whilst the Kelvin Dawson hub provides not only a viewing gallery but also the ideal venue for food, drinks and perhaps more sedate party games along the way.  Thinking disco?  The integrated top of the range sound system and displays in the larger joined rooms can be used in any way you like giving a viable alternative to a DJ, alternatively there is loads of room for a DJ/band and dance floor setup.  For older parties there is a fully licensed bar.  Just talk to the staff and you’ll see how eager they are to make your event the best it can be.

Best Isle of Man Venue?

Isle of Man presentation, teaching venue.

With the hub already being used for parties, social events, presentations, teaching, drop-ins and sports club socials it will no doubt only become even more popular as time goes on and all things being equal will definitely establish itself as the best Isle of Man venue of its type.  To see what they can do for you or to arrange a booking please contact Sarah on e-mail or alternatively you can find more details and private messaging options on their Facebook page.

Isle of Man Kids Party Venue

Isle of Man Kids Parties

Disclaimer:- Just like all our recommendations, this is our personal opinion based on personal experience.  No money changes hands, this is not an advert,  in this instance we’ve been there, we liked everything about the place and people, we’d definitely recommend it.  Not sure if it’s right for you?  We also like the Manx Fun Farm, Bradda Glen which is now functions only and Mad Jacks is cool as well if you need Douglas.





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