Steampacket – Sailing To The Isle of Man

Isle of Man Steampacket ManannanBeing an island you are stuck with basically 2 ways of getting to the Isle of Man (well until they build either a really long monorail or tunnel that is), you either fly or take the boat. When it comes to sailing to the Isle of Man I’m afraid you only have one choice and that’s using the Isle of Man Steampacket Company.

The Steampacket, or Steamracket as some locals like to call it has been in operation since 1830 making it the oldest continuously operating passenger ferry company in the world. Of course in that time it has undergone many changes not only in terms of technology but also how the company has been run and structured. The current company is tied to a user agreement with the Isle of Man Government, in essence giving them a monopoly on landing passengers in Douglas. This might go some way to explaining the 30%+ profit margin the company realises for its Australian owners.

If you want to get to the Isle of Man by sea then it’s either hitch a ride or use the Steampacket! It’s certainly not cheap.

Steampacket Fleet

As of the 28/10/21 the Steampacket operate a fleet of 2. The last remaining fastcraft, namely the Manannan and one slower traditional ferry in the form of the Ben My Chree. Sailings are scheduled to Liverpool, Heysham, Dublin and Belfast however the exact frequency of sailings varies depending on the time of year (look here for a full current time table).

You can track the Manannan and Ben My Chree using the AIS map below, just click on the ships icon for more information about its current sailing. Information will automatically update every few minutes.

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