Isle of Man Race Quiz – Learn About The TT

If you asked 100 people what they know about the Isle of Man I’m sure you’d get in no particular order:- Manx Cats, the funny flag that looks a bit “German” and the TT races.  Even with the best will in the world we couldn’t manage to come up with more than half a dozen facts between the cat and the flag in total so when it came to making something fun to learn a bit more about the Isle of Man we settled on the TT races.  Welcome to our great big quiz about road racing on the Isle of Man.

Already a huge TT fan?  Never heard of it but want to learn more?  Our IOM Race Quiz contains over 100 (and growing) multi choice questions that will hopefully educate as well as entertain.  Just for good measure we’ve also thrown in a few about visiting the Isle of Man in general. Answer questions against the clock up to the point where you get one wrong, don’t worry though because unlike other games we’ll show you the right answer so you can learn as you play along.  To finish the course you’ll need to answer 37 random questions in a row (no prizes for guessing what that represents) and the faster you can answer the more points you score.  It’s all a race against the clock, see what we did there?!

Compete internationally with a global high score table, reckon you’re the fountain of all TT knowledge, why not prove it?  Alternatively play locally against friends and family.  It’s all just a bit of fun so that people can learn a little more about what makes the TT so great.  No adverts, no price, no data capture, just a free fun game all about road racing on the Isle of Man.


IOM Race Quiz


Motorbike Quiz High Scores


Available on all mobile devices from the Apple Store, Google Play Store and even for your PC via the Window store.  If you don’t want to download anything and you’re not so fussed about local high scores then you can play the race quiz via your web browser using this link.  To be honest though you will get a better, more responsive experience on the standalone apps, download from the store for your device using the links below.

TT Quiz On Google Play

TT Quiz On Windows

Download IOM TT Quiz From Apple App Store


Finally, we should mention that the letters TT are a trademark of the Isle of Man government.  Our IOM Race Quiz is in no way endorsed , sponsored or officially connected with either the TT or the IOM government in any way.  Just like every other quiz about the TT out there it’s just a bit of free fun.

Finally, finally, if you’ve got any types of questions you’d like to see added (a favourite rider etc) or have any feedback then feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you.

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