Isle of Man TT

The Isle of Man TT is just as much a part of Manx life as cats with no tales, the Laxey Wheel and Kippers! For 2 weeks in May/June every year the Isle of Man comes to a stand still whilst over 37 miles of public road are closed each day and the bravest competitors in world motorsport dodge houses, poles and other roadside obstacles at speeds over 200 MPH. The greatest motorbike races on Earth, the greatest Motorsport event full stop. Whether you are a motorbike fan or not a trip to the TT is a must do on anybody’s bucket list who enjoys speed, you really will not believe your eyes and no amount of video footage will EVER compare with the true sense of speed of being on the hedge with bikes skimming past your nose.

The TT races run over a two-week period, starting with a week of practice sessions and ending with a week of racing. Practice starts on Saturday and ends on Friday, while racing starts on the next Saturday and ends on the final Friday, Senior race day. It’s the best 2 weeks of the year for motorcycle fans, as the first week is devoted to practice and the second week to racing. Mad Sunday is always on the first Sunday of June. In practice week the sessions and events run every night meaning days are free to explore. In race week, the races take place on alternate full days.

How To Get To The Isle of Man TT

The Isle of Man is easy to get to from ports in the UK and Ireland. You can fly or sail from many different locations that have direct access. The Steam Packet Company operates ferries between the North West of England and East Coast of Ireland during the summer months. They stop at Liverpool, Heysham, Dublin and Belfast. It’s always best to make your reservation as early as possible as ferry tickets operate on a deposit system and can sell out quickly. You’ll usually need to pay the final fare in December, but they typically release a provisional sailing schedule for next year in November which you can use to book your space. Having a range of airports to travel to, the Isle of Man makes it easy for international visitors to fly here. Options include London Gatwick, Manchester or Dublin – which means you could pick whichever airport is right for your journey. Flying sounds like a great alternative to travelling by ship, with typical flight times averaging 30-60 minutes between the UK and Ireland.

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