Steam Packet Manxman Webcam


Manxman Webcam

With extra capacity, modern lounges and the latest engine technology the Steam Packets new vessel the Manxman should be a great addition to the fleet, giving the Ben -my-Chree a much needed rest as she winds down towards retirement.  This is the webcam looking out from the bow of the Manxman, initially showing her journey half way around the world and then (hopefully) the regular back and forth from the Isle of Man.

A big part of the Manxman’s job going forward will be to increase capacity over peak periods like the Isle of Man TT, with any luck meaning more race fans can make their way over to the island during the height of the 2 week festival.  Built to modern standards a lot of the locals will be hoping that any extra sea worthiness can help cut down winter disruption as well.  You can follow the Manxmans full journey by following the link.

Please note that the Manxman camera seems to go off and on without much of a pattern.  Your best bet is just to follow the link above and see if the live video stream is broadcasting.


  1. No idea, I would have hoped that it would be live on a permanent basis. I guess the Steam Packet under estimate how many people are interested in this sort of thing?

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