Isle of Man Creamery

Award Winning Manx Cheese

Isle of Man Creameries has been going strong for many years. The creamery is run as a co-operative of family owned dairy farms and is used to not only manufacture and distribute their products locally to the Isle of Man but also to the rest of the world. If there’s one product that stands out as having global appeal it’s Manx Cheese, each year cheeses produced by the Isle of Man Creamery win awards. For example in 2009 alone they scooped 2 awards at the Tesco cheese challenge, 1 award at the Great Taste awards and 1 award at the Great Yorkshire Cheese and Dairy show.

There is no doubting that if you like your cheese with bits of stuff in it (as a great number of people seem to do, it’s not to my taste though) then the Isle of Man Creamery is the place to be. Much more than the cheese though the milk produced by the Creamery is the life blood of the Isle of Man. They allow us to have fresh milk delivered to our door steps every morning and for that pleasure only charge us the bargain basement price of 57 pence a pint. Yes, you read that correctly, 57 pence a pint, how does that compare to your milk price? It’s a wonder then that the Isle of Man Creameries online shop isn’t doing a roaring trade in milk sales!

If you’re on the Isle of Man then the Creameries online shop can be a handy way of getting local produce delivered to your door. Not everybody likes Tesco, especially on the Isle of Man. On top of the milk and award winning cheeses the Creamery can also supply Manx potatoes, eggs, butter and various juices.

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  1. I would like to order some manx cheese for our holiday party. I live in the U.S.A. Is shipping possible?

  2. You can’t order direct from the IOM Creameries website but I’ve just checked and they do supply CostCo in the US. If you have a store close by they might have it or alternatively try checking out the CostCo website.

  3. Confirmed.

    “We found this cheese in Southern California. It was sold out in two weeks. Hopefully you will renew the order with Costco.”

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