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Manx Kippers At Their Best!

If there’s one food that the Isle of Man is famous for it’s the kipper. Sure there are other places in the world that do kippers but there’s nobody that does kippers quite like the Isle of Man. It’s why Manx Kippers are world famous! The good news is that they are now available to buy online.

The Moore’s yard situated at the top of Peel harbour has been traditionally smoking kippers for more than 100 years. The business is still family run, the factory being duel purpose, doubling up as a living museum (If you’re on the Isle of Man then tours of the Moore’s Yard are run daily during the summer). Kippers are a hugely popular gift to bring back from the island and it’s now even possible to order your kippers online. Moore’s will deliver your kippers to anywhere in the UK.

Besides the famous kippers Moore’s can also supply a variety of the finest produce, both smoked and un-smoked. Popular products include oak smoked bacon, oak smoked salmon, fresh crab claws and the amazing tasting King Scallops. All of which can be delivered to the UK.

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  1. I’ve checked and there is no way of having them delivered to Australia. The flight times and freight costs make it a no go.

  2. If you have family over there, they can send them via Australia Post.
    I am lucky enough to have my mother-father and sister in law send them to me here in Western Australia, yes the postage is expensive but well worth it to receive these delicious smoked fish.

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