Do I Need Private Medical Insurance When Visiting The Isle of Man?

Due To Further Pressure On The UK Government A New RHA Between The Isle of Man And The UK Will Be Tested For 6 Months From April 2010, This Means No Change For Residents For At Least 6 Months

If you visit the Isle of Man and you live outside the UK then you should have travel insurance anyway. Most travel insurance includes medical expenses. Up until April 2010 if you lived within the UK and visited the Isle of Man then there would have been no need for any form of private medical insurance as the Isle of Man and the UK had a recipricol health agreement.

However, from April 2010 onwards people visiting the Isle of Man from the UK will need medical insurance, for most people this will mean taking out travel insurance when visiting the island. A & E treatment is provided free of charge but any ongoing care charges have to be covered privately. This can get hugely expensive so insurance is a must.

The ending of the recipricol health agreement also impacts people who live on the Isle of Man. We will now need insurance when visiting the UK.

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