Laxey Wheel

There are certain images that people always associate with the Isle of Man. One is the three legs, one is the Manx cat in profile looking towards you, right up there with those other 2 is that of the Laxey Wheel, the largest working water wheel in the world.

Laxey Wheel 1
Dating all the way back to 1854 Lady Isabella (as the wheel is known) was named after the wife of Lieutenant Governor Hope. Impressively the wheel was designed and built by a local man, John Casement, a resident of Laxey. The Laxey Wheel measures in at a sizable circumference of 227 feet with a diameter of 72 feet and was built for the purpose of pumping water from the Laxey mines. This it achieved with ease managing to remove 250 gallons a minute from the mines situated over 1500 feet below ground level!

Today the wheel is a major tourist attraction, visitors from far and wide come to stand at the top of the Laxey Wheel. The views offered over Laxey are spectacular from the vantage point. Around the Laxey Wheel there are also several other attractions worth visiting including some very nice trails to walk, a picnic area and you can even venture into the entrance of the mines. Overall the Laxey Wheel is a must see for anybody visiting the island.

Depending on your requirements prices to visit the Laxey Wheel range from £3.50 for a single adult ticket to £1.80 for under 16’s however several concessions are available for group and family visits. For example a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children) will only pay £8.50

Laxey Wheel 2We’d recommend that if you are going to see the Laxey Wheel that you make an afternoon of it. The electric tram system runs from Douglas promenade to Laxey and from there it’s a short walk to the Wheel. Laxey has the feel of a quite village (well I suppose it is really!) but there are several pubs that do a good pub lunch. The harbour is also well worth a walk around. If you’re on a flying visit though and want to get to the Laxey Wheel by car then there is lots of parking very close by.

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  1. An awsome sight and lovely to see. Have visited since joining R.A.F. Jurby in 1950.
    Met and married my wife on the Islaand in 1952. Still visit her family there as I have now lost her.
    Will always remember the Island with great fondness.

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