Lazer Blast

There is no denying that a lot of what the Isle of Man has to offer is very weather dependent. Thankfully though there are still things to do if the weather isn’t so great and one of those things is Lazer Blast.

If you’ve never played Lazer Blast before then let me explain a little bit about what you’re in for. If you take Star Wars and cross it with the games of soldiers that we used to play as kids then you’re on the right lines. You’ll enter a dark battle arena either as individuals or as 2 teams and it’s then up to you to shoot the enemy. Because of the dark room and smoke you do get to see the lazers, very Star Wars! It’s then a case of racking up as high a score as possible. It’s fantastic fun. For such a small island the Isle of Man has a great Lazer Blast setup, it’s located in a barn as you travel out of Onchan towards the Liverpool arms. Lazer Blast is on your right hand side about half way down the straight towards the Liverpool Arms. All the equipment you need is provided and there are refreshment facilities on site, just make sure you dress comfortably.

It’s a good way of whiling away an evening as a family (for ages 5 and up). You can either just turn and up and pay and play or if you prefer (and if there is enough of you) you can pre-book a a group event. So whether it’s team building, a family evening out or just something to do on your holidays when the weather takes a turn for the worse Lazer Blast is great fun.

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