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If you’re looking for any t-shirts or other items of clothing related to the Isle of Man then there really is only one place you need to look – Promenade T-Shirts!

With the TT and Manx Grand Prix being such popular events Promenade T-shirts have a huge range of motorcycle racing related t-shirts to choose from. T-shirts are available in either printed or embroidery form. Obviously embroidery T-Shirts tend to wear longer. When you think of the TT you also have to think of Bushy’s and the good news is that Promenade T-Shirts also have a large range of Bushy’s clothing and merchandise for you to buy.

Away from the motor racing there is a large selection of more general Isle of Man related designs to choose from. Obviously the 3 legs are always popular but there several of the other Celtic designs which also prove to be very popular as souvenirs. Talking of which the Promenade T-Shirts online store also stock a number of Manx souvenirs and gifts including calendars, mugs, t-towels and much more.

For corporate clients (or maybe just a gang wanting some custom T-Shirts) Promenade offer a bespoke T-Shirt service so that you can have any garments made up to suite your own design spec. Perfect for corporate polo shirts, the next lads holiday etc

The T-Shirt designs available from Promenade T-Shirts are one of the most common sites around the island during the TT fortnight making them as much a part of the TT as any other Manx business! The ability to order online just makes it much easier for bike fans to get their t-shirts any time of the year, which can’t be a bad thing?

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  1. Hi,

    while staying on the Isle of Man for TT 2010 I bought in your official merchandising shop on Loch Promenade / Church Road Marina 2 x 2 pack low rise shorts ( Manx Inspirations ) in size 8 / 10.
    But the size doesn´t fit. Maybe it is possible to send it back to you in changing 12 / 14 ?

    Bernd Gonschior

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